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Every decade something big comes along!
In the 70's, it was the microwave. In the 80's it was the VCR. In the 90's, it was the PC and the Internet. People who were positioned correctly in the 80's became millionaires. People who were positioned correctly in the 90's became billionaires.

In his best selling book, "The Next Trillion", Paul Zane Pilzer states that by the year 2010, an additional 1 trillion dollars annually of the US economy will be devoted to the wellness industry! That money will be spent providing healthy products so people can feel healthier, look better, slow down the effects of aging, and prevent diseases from developing in the first place.

Most wellness industry sales did not even exist two decades ago.
Today, they total approximately 200 billion dollars in annual sales,
by 2010 they will total 1 trillion dollars or 1000 billion dollars a year.

That kind of growth is made possible by my generation!

We are the "Baby Boomers".
You are either a part of that generation or you have been hearing about us for 20 years, that is how long we have been dictating to the economy. The Baby Boomers are now 37 to 58 years old - peak earning years, bigger dollars, more spending power. We have been responsible for the housing boom, the sports utility vehicle, personal computers and the Internet. The Boomers and the things we want are already 5 trillion dollars of our 10 trillion dollar economy. Even though we are only about 30% of our population, we account for 50% of our gross national product. We will add 1 trillion dollars to this 5 trillion of spending every year to maintain the one thing we hope will work better than any of our toys, our real estate or computers -
our YOUTH and our HEALTH!

Youth, anti-aging, health, wellness - the next big thing!
In the next 10 years U.S. Baby Boomers will increase their annual spending on wellness-based services from approximately 200 billion dollars today to 1 trillion dollars. An unprecedented opportunity for those who see the advantage of becoming involved in distributing the greatest wellness products on the planet!

Let me introduce you to a wellness distribution business model that is already very successful and proven. It is from a company that has been in business for over 20 years. A company that formulates, concentrates and manufactures 97% of all their own herbal products for health, beauty and skin care, and household products using only superior ingredients. A business model that you can start part-time from home without a large capital investment, without employees, and without the headaches of traditional business ownership. A business, that in your spare time, could mean anything from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars or more on a monthly basis. And, because it is a home-based business, you can qualify for incredible tax advantages!


Look under SR Dist. There is a great 6-minute presentation that is guaranteed to be of interest to you. It strikes a cord in just about everyone who hears it! It is called The Introduction to IBS Integrated Business Systems. From there go to the 10 minute IBS Presentation Outline in English. This is a great business model! Effective and easy to use. There is so much excellent information on this site. Look at some of the wonderfully informative in-depth newsletters available here as well. I have enjoyed them all, especially the one from March 2004 on Weight Loss, April 2004 on Cancer, October 2004 on Adrenal Exhaustion, July 2005 on Constipation and September 2005 on Acid Alkaline Balance.

We are all looking for more time, more income and more energy!
This company offers it all! The statistics are real, the trends are real, the timing is NOW. Don't miss this opportunity to build your own business!

Having your own business and developing independence is never risky when there is leadership and a simple system to follow. These simple steps and the guidance of your sponsorship team make your success and growth easy.

As your sponsor, mentor and coach, I can assist you in creating immediate income and residual income for your short and long-term goals. Becoming an Independent Distributor is "Simply the Best" way to enjoy the finest products available while creating an additional income stream!

How do I get "ON BOARD?"

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We can work together to set up
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The Free Health Advice Center

How do I get "ON BOARD?"

If you haven't already listened to the 6 minute Introduction to The IBS Integrated Business Systems CLICK HERE - THIS IS GREAT! While you are at it, listen to The IBS Presentation Online in English (10 minutes). Check out and buy the IBS Business Kit. It is a deal at $105 + shipping and the way to quick start your business
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There are two ways to join:
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The company referred to has three programs to choose from:

1.) Join the Sunrider Club: For a $30 membership fee, and a $10 annual fee, you can enjoy an initial 20% off the retail price and you can upgrade to a Distributor later.

The Preferred Customer Program:
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2.) The Distributor Program:
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As you come up in the ranks you can begin earning rewarding Leadership Bonuses, which include fun vacations, automobiles, dream homes and a stable income.
Leadership Bonuses:
Director Performance Bonus - 8% World SV Equally distributed to two consecutive months.
Qualified Associate Directors, Directors and Lead Directors who have 100 Personal SV and 3000 Group SV in the qualifying month.
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If I can be of help to you in any way, please contact me directly at:
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or call me by phone: Dr. Susan Kay Udry, (818) 348-0848

We can work together to set up
your personal health and regeneration program
and if you want, set up your own business
with a residual stream of income as well.

(The earning capability stated herein are not necessarily representative of the earnings all distributors can or will earn through participation in the Compensation Plan. These statements should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any projection or guarantee would be misleading. Success results only from successful efforts, which do require some work, diligence and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities. I heartily recommend the IBS Business Kit to assist you in your efforts!)

Disclaimer: This website is owned by an independent Sunrider Distributor. Sunrider International does not endorse any information on this site. The information/products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or replace medical advice or treatment. The information presented on this website is for informational purposes only, it is not medical advice or a substitute for a physician's consulation and/or examination. Advertisers on this site do not necessarily endorse any products referenced and the FDA has not evaluated any statements/information contained herein.








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Herbal Beverages

Calli Tea




The Free Health Advice Center

The Philosophy of Regeneration
Broccoli, Cabbage, Soy Found to Cut Cancer Risk



The Philosophy of Regeneration states that if you nourish the body with the right combination of whole concentrated herbal foods, the body will regenerate itself. When the body is balanced, it works better and you feel better! Why Regeneration? Why is it important for the body to regenerate itself? Regeneration is the way the body rebuilds and replaces cells, be they bone, brain or muscle.

A physician of China's Tang Dynasty, Sun Ssu-mo, maintained that the diet was of paramount importance to maintain health. He believed that a truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness and then tries to cure it by the use of foods. Only when food failed did he prescribe medication. Treating illness and disease is left to trained medical doctors. The preservation of health is everyone's opportunity and responsibility.

Most people have spent years employing poor eating and nutritional habits. This is not necessarily due to neglect of their bodies. They did not realize what they had been putting into their bodies. This is due to the over processing of many if not most of the foods found in today's marketplace. This does not only include "junk type fast foods," just as often the foods that people think are "wholesome" foods. Many of these contain toxins in the form of preservatives and artificial flavorings and enhance. You also have many toxins in your body from the air you breathe, water you drink and bath/shower in, and there are many pollutants absorbed through your skin. This does not even count those toxins that you self-induce and drugs (both prescription and non-prescription.)

Your body is an incredible machine that has the ability to both cure itself of disease and ills as well as improve itself to the highest level of perfection possible - if only you would/could nourish it properly and then leave it alone to do its own work!

Introducing Your Body to Proper Nutrition When you begin to introduce your body to better nutrition - such as in the form of superior whole food concentrates grown and produced by Sunrider International - you begin to provide your body with the highest quality of food and nutrients available. These nutrients are of such high quality that they are in synergistic (working together) harmony with the body. In turn, the body can now easily assimilate these nutrients into your system with less effort. More of the nutrients can now be used to begin building your body to the perfect state of health originally intended.

During this new experience of superior nutrients or "building materials," that our body begins major reconstruction or regeneration. The body will always strive to build the best body possible using the best "high grade" materials available. Like the reconstruction of a house there must first be many areas torn down and cleaned out before the real "building" can begin. This is why one of the major parts of a total nutrition program includes a cleansing beverage.

Sunrider supplies two such cleansing beverages - Call and Fortune Delight. Calli was formulated 5,000 years ago by the Shaolin Priests in the Himalayas. To increase mental focus and concentration during meditations. If the body is toxic it interferes with the brain's abilityto think, reason, focus and remember. The toxins that will be cleansed out of your system and flushed will be much greater in the early stages of your program. Remember that no matter how well you eat you will always be exposed to toxins from some form of cooked/processed food, beverage, air through skin and lungs, water, prescriptions, etc.

Cleansing your body is important for healthy maintenance daily. The body regenerates because all life works to live and stay in balance. Dr. Deepak Chopra is a respected endocrinologist (study of the endocrine glands and the internal secretions of the body) who has brought together current research done by Western science, neuroscience and physics with the insights of Eastern health theories.

Dr. Chopra, in his book Quantum Healing, states that the human body is controlled by a network of intelligence and is itself the greatest healer known. Today's "miracle drugs" come from medical science's efforts to replicate the body's own functions. Western medicine took the route of substituting synthetic chemicals for those made by the body, whereas the Chinese pursued the path of bolstering the body's own chemical producing factories, such as glands, to effect change.

How Does Regeneration Work?

The process is complex. Simply put, Sunrider foods help in the regeneration process by sending balanced nutrition to the body's cells and by cleaning out toxins.

What Effect Does Regeneration Have On You?

The body uses its vast internal intelligence system to sift through all food you eat, looking for the best nutritional building blocks available. Familiar foods like coffee, soft drinks and french fries limit your body's energy and nutrition resources. When these foods are replaced with high quality foods that actively nourish, balance and cleanse the body, regeneration takes place naturally. Why? Because your body is not using its energy to hold the line against negative effects of unhealthy foods.

Adding Sunrider foods to an already healthy diet, your body will quickly begin working more efficiency and at a higher energy level.

Any information presented here is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical problem, it is suggested that one consult a holistic or medical doctor. This is for informational purposes only and separate from Sunrider International.


Broccoli, Cabbage, Soy Found to Cut Cancer Risk

Environment News Service, February 10, 2005
WASHINGTON, DC, February 10, 2006 (ENS) -

Some vegetables contain chemicals that appear to enhance DNA repair in cells, which could lead to protection against cancer development, say Georgetown University Medical Center researchers.

In a new study published in the "British Journal of Cancer" and by the journal "Nature" the researchers show that in laboratory tests, a compound called indole-3-carinol (I3C), found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, and a chemical called genistein, found in soy beans, can increase the levels of two specific proteins that repair damaged DNA.

This study is one of the first to provide a molecular explanation as to how eating vegetables could cut the risk of developing cancer, an association that some population studies have found, says the study's senior author, Eliot M. Rosen, MD, PhD, professor of oncology, cell biology, and radiation medicine at Georgetown's Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. "It is now clear that the function of crucial cancer genes can be influenced by compounds in the things we eat," Rosen says. "Our findings suggest a clear molecular process that would explain the connection between diet and cancer prevention."

In this study, Rosen exposed breast and prostate cancer cells to increasing doses of I3C and genistein, and found that these chemicals boosted production of the repair proteins BRCA1 and BRCA2. Since decreased amounts of the BRCA proteins are seen in cancer cells, higher levels might prevent cancer from developing, Rosen speculates, adding that the ability of I3C and genistein to increase production of BRCA proteins could explain their protective effects.

The study was funded by the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the National Cancer Institute and co-authors include Drs. Saijun Fan, MD, PhD, Qinghui Meng, MS, Karen Auborn, PhD, and Timothy Carter, PhD.

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By Sandi Mitchell, Ph.D.

Shocking as this article may be, it's necessary for you to read it!

Are we still the naive nation we once were? I think not! Until recent years, we meekly developed the custom of being followers and did not question the integrity of our leaders and especially those who have set themselves up as protectors of our health.

Has the pendulum now swung the other way? Have we now become a nation of suspicion? I think so, and with good reason. Not necessarily because we enjoy being watchdogs, but because of self-preservation!

One use in point in which millions are directly involved on a daily basis are rendering plants. Not many have ever heard of a rendering plant, let alone known what products gain their origin from these plants!

Have you ever noticed a dead dog, cat, skunk or possum that has been killed on the highway? Well, a rendering plant is a collection center for all kinds of dead animals. Carcasses of every variety are hauled to the plant daily. Huge supplies of the decaying bodies come from everywhere, including farms where disease has decimated herds of swine, cattle and other domestic animals. Sickening Thought!

At the plant, the bodies are all dumped together into a huge cooking pot which generates intense heat. After a certain period of cooking, the bodies are subjected to a process of extreme pressure in order to extract the fat from bones, skins, etc. Old cooking grease picked up from restaurants is also added to the pot. It is the rendered fat which constitutes the final product of the plant.

One can imagine the horrible stench of the diseased and decaying conglomeration of cooking carcasses. But the thing that astonishes me the most is the way in which the extracted grease is utilized.

The great majority of the product is sold for women's makeup, especially to manufacturers of lipstick and eye makeup. Some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies in the country are the chief customers of rendering plants.

Anyone looking at the elegant ads portraying glamorous models wearing beautiful "makeup" would never suspect even a hint of the refined, colored and properly perfumed oil being derived from skunk, opossum or pig!

How much of this abominable blend do you suppose has been ingested into the body from the lips and the pores of the skin? Should we not be aware of the content not only of what enters the mouth but also what soaks in through the pores of the skin!

Excerpt from "Health Freedom News", Jan/Feb 1991 Issue



STARTLING FACTS ABOUT OUR SKIN AND HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: Which might make you think twice about the shampoos, creams and cosmetics you use everyday.

What your shampoo may be doing to your hair and skin.

The primary ingredient of most shampoos, soaps and toothpastes is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). It is also used in formulations to degrease automobile engines and clean garage floors because of its corrosive nature.

In clinical tests, these two common ingredients have been shown to have the potential to: Irritate your skin and corrode your hair.

* Contribute to thinning hair and significant hair loss
* Keep young eyes from developing properly
* Contribute to the development of cataracts in eyes of older adults
* Contain potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) nitrate an/or dioxin compounds in the formulation products.

These readily enter your blood system through your scalp when you shampoo or wash your skin with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

MORE SHOCKING NEWS: Most hair conditioners are made of processed animal fats that grease your hair and attract dirt. (read the article on Beauty, Pride and Pig Grease)

The collagen in most creams is derived from ground up chicken beet or scraped from animal hides and may be harmful. It does not go "into" the skin but rather sits "on" the skin and where it could clog pores prevent it from breathing properly.

Many moisturizers use mineral oils as a base. Mineral oil is a petroleum derivative. Petroleum derived oils sit on the surface of the skin, inhibiting the skin's ability to produce its own oils, and thus actually drying it out. It is difficult to remove from the skin and can clog pores and cause blemishes. It may suffocate your skin, bind with and use your cellular essential fatty acids, hormone-like vitamins and minerals making them useless, prevent it from detoxifying. It may age the skin faster by water logging it, inhibiting it from producing its own oils, and thus actually drying it out. More alarming, mineral oil causes the skin to become phototoxic, increasing damage to the skin from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Vegetable oils and squalens are closer to the composition of the natural secretions of the skin.

Remember that everything that you put on the skin is to some absorbed into the body very quickly. Many moisturizers use ingredients that may suffocate your skin, bind with and use your cellular essential fatty acids and minerals making them useless, prevent it from detoxifying and it may age the skin faster by water logging it.

The cap on the bottle of almost all cosmetics normally costs more than all the ingredients found within the bottle.