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Applied Kinesiology is a well-established natural health care diagnostic system which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body in the structural, chemical, neurological and biochemical realms. Many simply call it muscle testing because it is a way of talking to the body to sort out what an individual really needs, but in reality, it is much more than that.

Applied Kinesiology testing does not assess strength but tests the integrity of the nervous system and of many factors which determine its response. Applied Kinesiology does not diagnose disease. Muscle testing simply detects and analyzes functional imbalances. Minor imbalances, when not corrected can accumulate and cause compensations. These compensations can compound each other and lead to functional changes. These functional changes can give rise to symptoms of discomfort and pain and maybe even allergic reactions. If these little warnings are ignored, disease can follow.

Among other things, Applied Kinesiology can assess the integrity of the nerves and the nervous system, the energy meridian supply, the lymphatic system and the nutritional condition of an individual.

Using muscle testing, contact points, massage and nutrition, kinesiology helps with emotions and anxieties; specific personal dietary intake and supplements can help with nutritional deficiencies, structural imbalances and energy blocks.

Applied Kinesiology looks carefully at structural balance, chemical balance and mental balance. When any of these elements are out of balance, the body might experience feelings of fatigue, illness, pain, distress or general:

DIS - ease.

Kinesiology works with and balances the whole person; this enhances health and well-being. Health wards off disease. Kinesiology is truly a preventive approach to your health care.

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Mixing Applied Kinesiology with Nutritional Response Testing makes a winning combination for any health improvement program. Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) is a verifiable and reproducible non-invasive discipline of which uses muscle testing to analyze autonomic nervous system (ANS) disturbances.

The ANS is constantly fluctuating providing intelligence and organization to all the lower systems of the body. It controls ALL MAJOR BODY FUNCTIONS - organs, reproduction, digestion, all biochemical and physical processes; actions you are not consciously aware of, your breathing, heart rate are controlled by the ANS. It controls everything!

Problems with ANS function will ultimately cause disease and/or breakdown of any organs and tissues.

All foods and remedies have an effect on the body, either positive or negative. NRT is a test of the nervous system and the therapeutic effects of nutrition.

NRT testing helps me be more accurate in my diagnosis so I can reduce the probability of any complications from a health improvement program. This increases success rates.

You will witness during the NRT test, your Autonomic Nervous System appears to talk through the yes and no answers of the muscle test. A major part of this work involves finding and treating the root cause of symptoms one is experiencing. These are obstacles to your healing. These obstacles can be called interference fields.

An interference field can be an old forgotten scar, a damaged tooth, or an emotional issue. The beauty of NRT is that by working with the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) we are able to locate and treat the root cause of the trauma, pain or discomfort. In many cases this trauma has either long been forgotten or the conscious brain has chosen not to acknowledge it. By accessing the issue via the ANS (the unconscious mind), the problem can be resolved in most cases permanently.

By using NRT to access the information in the body, it is possible to accurately determine the most appropriate course of treatment.






















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Many adjustments are done with an Activator Adjusting Instrument. It is a low force, high-speed instrument that is used to treat joints, ligaments and tendons.

Sometimes people will respond poorly to traditional chiropractic adjustments because they are in what is called "ligament failure." This is the patient who says "I saw a Chiropractor once, he adjusted me and I hurt for a week." This patient is usually in ligament failure and needs minerals and adrenal support. Typically the muscles, ligaments and tendons are not nourished enough to hold the bones properly in position as the patient moves through space. This patient is "an accident waiting to happen". This is the person who often needs deep cellular nutrition. I will not adjust them by hand until I have rebuilt them on a nutritional level. Until that happens they can be adjusted, but the adjustments will not hold.

I have used Activator Adjusting Instruments on every one from infants and the elderly because it offers a gentle and effective approach to care. The Activator Instrument delivers a controlled, light and fast thrust without causing undue strain to the patient. It is so quick and controlled that your muscular system is less likely to resist allowing for a more precise and exact adjustment that will keep your body aligned longer.

Activator Technique works effectively for neck pain, low back pain, whiplash, headaches, shoulder and knee pain, arthritis, spinal degeneration, carpal tunnel pain, sciatica, disc problems, sacro-iliac pain as well as Chiropractic chickens. Everyday wear and tear, old injuries, and even stress can cause your vertebrae to lose their proper motion or position. Joint dysfunction and spinal dysfunction may be a source of irritation to your nervous system, causing pain and nerve interference throughout your body.

You may think of chiropractic care only for back and neck pain. The truth is, a wholistic chiropractor can benefit a wide variety of health problems because many stem from the dysfunction of your spinal joints and nervous system.




















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The human body can be compared to a triangle. Each side of the triangle directly influences the other two sides. We are healthy when our structural, biochemical, and emotional aspects are harmoniously balanced.

For over 100 years, chiropractors have corrected subluxations of the spine. These subluxations can cause diminished nerve and organ function, and spinal adjustments can correct this structural side of the triangle. In recent decades, clinical research has greatly advanced our understanding of body chemistry and how it is affected by the foods we eat, exposure to toxic pollution, and allergens.

One of the techniques I use is Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.). It addresses the emotional component of the triangle of health, in a safe, effective, physiological way. I back the process up with specific homeopathic remedies, therapeutic-grade essential oils, Bach Flowers and nutritional rebuilding to help solidify it within the nervous system.

Emotions are good and necessary. A person can have an emotional trauma, experience the emotion, and release the event. However, if a person has a neuro-physiological deficit, the same emotional trauma can lodge in the body as an N.E.C. This can create a reflex pattern much like the conditioned response that Ivan Pavlov documented so well. Restimulated N.E.C.s can cause recurrences of spinal subluxations, digestive problems, pain and strange remote complications.


N.E.T. uses muscle testing, body reflex points, and semantic reactions (physiological reactions to memories or words) to assist and guide you in recalling a specific negative emotion and when it first occurred. While you mentally hold the emotional memory, I will adjust the associated spinal subluxations using specific essential oils. The essential oils help remove the emotional triggers burried deep in the brain, the spinal adjustment corrects the subluxation, and resolves muscle and meridian imbalances. The underlying negative emotion loses its impact and is less likely to be re-stimulated. The end-product is a more neurologically integrated and healthier person. This is a quick and easy process that is pleasant and sometimes even life changing.

Please note: It is important to realize that spinal adjustments don't make life's problems go away. However, a person with a strong nervous system can usually deal with life's problems more effectively. As the emotional side of the triangle of health strengthens, a patient can make enhanced gains in structural and biochemical health.

N.E.T. treatment is not a substitute for psychological or psychiatric therapy. Patients who show a possible need for psychotherapy are referred to psychological or psychiatric professionals for evaluation and/or treatment. The correction of an N.E.C. is a physiological phenomenon accomplished by doctors qualified to adjust the spine.




















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T.B.M. (Total Body Modification therapy) is a sophisticated technique based in Applied Kinesiology that is used to find an organ or area of the body that is stressed, determine why it is stressed and then correct the problem by restoring balance to the nervous system. Many things can short circuit the body's bioelectrical system. These short circuits can create a variety of dysfunctions. Adjustments are used to correct functional physiological disturbances or dysfunctions- your signs and symptoms.

Your body is giving you a clue that something is not right within it. You may have various symptoms that bring you into the office, but what you have may not have anything to do with the problem that needs treatment.

Basic Chiropractic is used to correct the Structure and influence the function; T.B.M. and Applied Kinesiology correct the Functional Physiology (how the body works), which may, in turn, influence the structure. Both are essential for optimum health. If the right thing is done to the body at the right time and in the right way, wonders can happen.

Your body's electrical system can be likened to a bio-computer. These disciplines tap into your body's internal computer system. We all have a biological computer within us that controls all of the body's functions. Using specific reflex points and an indicator muscle, various computer programs, such as diseases, systems, organ body points and more, within the system can be tested. Structural or soft tissue manipulations can then be used to realign the function of your body's computer program thereby restoring optimal functioning within your body.

If your body's programs are running too quickly or too slowly, your body biochemistry will be off and disease may develop. Any of these system helps to normalize the flow of function and energy by balancing your body's computer program.

Once the problem is accessed, we will help to reprogram your body's internal computer by a combination of muscle testing, touching specific points on the body corresponding to various body parts or systems, making specific corrections at specified levels of the spine in specific orders. Sometimes blocks, an Activator Adjusting Instrument with a special head, or the hand itself are used to make the corrections.

Sometimes vials are used for treating allergies, infections, flus, and such. I have hundreds of testing items. For example, I have a testing vial for "flu". If this vial comes up as being positive, I would check to see what organ points are involved and make the appropriate spinal corrections. Then we would clear the Immunoglobulins (the body's first line of defense), both separately and collectively.

Everything, whether living or not, has its own vibrational electromagnetic frequency. Each disease also has its own frequency. In TBM we are looking for energy imbalances and making appropriate corrections to the bio-computer to restore the imbalances within the body's electrical energy system. TBM, AK or ART can help balance sugar metabolism, improve water utilization and neurological function (thinking, concentration, memory), strengthen immune system response (virus, bacteria, parasites), open energy circuits to facilitate energy flow, enhance digestion and circulation and also assist in clearing emotional blocks.

Research has proved that under sufficient stress, from any reason, the neurons in the brain centers which are controlling the stressed organ or body part essentially depolarize. This is like blowing a fuse on an electrical circuit. The message gets to the brain but fails to return. The result is that the brain (computer) loses effective control over the afflicted organ or body part. This leaves the organ or body part running out of control. Finding and stimulating a specific area or areas of the spine in a specific manner in an attempt to stimulate the neurons on the brain to repolarize (fix the fuse) and allow the brain to regain control of the body and guide it back to health.

Since a correctly functioning nervous system is a major requirement for health, these techniques can have a part to play in almost any problem and uncover and correct your roadblocks to recovery.




















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B.E.S.T. stands for Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. B.E.S.T. It utilizes light contacts in specific areas to balance body systems and relieve pain and discomfort.

The pain that a patient feels in a particular part of the body usually originates somewhere else (unless that pain is caused by an accident or other trauma). Often the cause of this pain is "defense physiology", a term used to describe inappropriate body responses to the current situation.

An example would be constant tight and tense muscles in the neck of woman who is relaxing and resting. Several years ago she was in an automobile accident and she was rear ended. The muscles in her neck have had plenty of time to heal. There is no reason for her muscles to be hard and tense while resting. Yet the muscles are tense; they feel hard when touched and she flinches if pressure is applied. The tension is there because the nervous system is sending those muscles instructions that are inappropriate for the current relaxed situation. These inappropriate instructions are the result of a past situation (the car accident) stored in a part of the brain called the sensory cortex. It is as if the nervous system "remembers the attack" on the body and "is braced for further danger". This is not the same thing as remembering with one's mind. These "memories" are at a much deeper level within the nervous system and they are not really under conscious control.

Human patients are frequently unaware of the reasons that muscle groups remain tense and tender when they are asked to relax during a B.E.S.T. treatment. These procedures allow the nervous system to be programmed with new information so that responses are appropriate to present events. This permits body systems to begin to return to balanced functioning. As the body becomes more balanced, pain and other symptoms diminish and are eliminated.

Because the nervous system is the central controller of all the body's processes, inappropriate nervous system functioning can affect any body system, giving rise to a variety of symptoms such as allergies, digestive problems, behavior disorders, etc.




















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Man is a series of triangles (Pythagorean' Theorem) existing in a state of balance. In a state of balance your body will naturally maintain proper awareness of its orientation in space and normal physiologic function. However, when some distortion of this triangulation occurs, it will cause changes in other areas of the body.

The basis of the human structure is the pelvis. The pelvis supports the spine and skull, the shoulders and arms and, below the pelvis, the legs and feet. Ligaments that attach to the spine and pelvis suspend the internal organs. Everything is attached to everything else. The large upper thigh and important back muscles, including those responsible for neck and shoulder stability, are all attached to the pelvis. These structures must be balanced, coordinated and maintained by a stable pelvis in order to produce normal nerve function.

Pelvic stability is attained through the use of wedge shaped blocks. It is a non-force technique allowing the body's respiration and normal relaxation to adjust the joints. Organ and soft tissue reflex manipulations are used with eventual cranial corrections.

Visceral techniques include evaluating and adjusting the organ systems for a full-body point of view, leaving no stone unturned. Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT) is an effective approach to dealing with the viscero-somatic reflexes and problems that are present in so many patients and that are a common cause of chronic subluxation.

Chiropractic Craniopathy deals with the relationship of cranial stress patterns, dural dysfunction and sutural fixation of the spine and to specific cranial symptoms. Craniopathy deals with the 80% of the nervous system that a strictly spinal approach may be missing.

For the sick individual Chiropractic is a means of health restoration by opening nerve channels so that the body can heal itself. For the healthy individual, it is a periodic checkup to ensure early correction to spinal distortion and potential nerve failure.

Chiropractic is not a therapy that treats named diseases. It is a system of removing the cause of nerve malfunction using minimum force to restore and maintain health. The goal of all therapy I do is to attempt to reverse the patterns of disharmony, thereby promoting health. The use of blocks is a safe, gentle, effective means to enhance the body's natural healing momentum.

Only you and your body can facilitate the healing process! Your responsibility as your body's caretaker is to eat correctly, rest, minimize stress and follow your Doctor's instructions.




















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Endo-Nasal Cranial Re-patterning

Help bring your body back to the way it was meant to be.

Throughout life, the body is beset by trauma; beginning with the birth process. Often trauma disturbs the skull, and locks it up. This, in turn, locks up the whole body. If proper motion is not forthcoming from cranial-sacral work, Endo-Nasal Cranial Re-Patterning Technique is used to remove the effects of trauma by unlocking the skull and gradually moving the bones and the tissues into a more appropriate position so that the proper mechanical functioning of the skull and all bodily systems is restored.

Neuro Cranial Repatterning Technique is an advanced technique that has been used quite successfully for years in the treatment of various structural and neurological disorders. It is a specialized technique derived from a form of cranial treatment called Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS) developed by the osteopaths in the early 1900's.

Dr. Udry was introduced to this technique in 1978 and studied under the master, Dr. Richard Stober. The objective is to slowly induce mobility in the cranial system - specifically the sphenoid. The importance of sphenoid balance is underestimated in allopathic medicine. The sphenoid represents normal balance of our entire body. It is a thin beautiful bone that travels all the way across our skull. It resembles a bird with outstretched wings. As we breathe the wings of the sphenoid pump our cerebral spinal fluid around our brain and our spinal cord.

For many years it was taught that the skull was very solid and did not move. In fact the skull is NOT one solid bone. It is made up of 22 individual bones that join together and move every time you breathe. Each bone in our skull has its own specific direction of motion. This "cranial respiratory motion" is imperative to normal body function and to your overall health and well-being.

In the hierarchy of the human body, your brain function takes top priority. All body functions depend on the brain and the nervous system for control. (See Chiropractic, your nervous system, and Cranial Sacral Technique).

When these cranial movements are impaired, abnormal pressure can be put on the brain. This impedes the flow of cerebral spinal fluid bathing the brain and the spinal cord, depriving your nervous system of necessary nutrients and not allowing for the removal of waste. This can alter the proper function of the nervous system and can directly affect normal body function. Most disease begins on a functional level.

Disease often takes years to develop. It is usually long-term dysfunction that eventually gives rise to disease.

Many alternative practitioners contend that most of the functional disorders in the body are either neurological and/or endocrine (hormonal-glandular) in nature. These two systems comprise the control centers for the human body.

The sphenoid bone is the primary structural component of this neuro-endocrine system. The pituitary gland is known as the "master gland" of the neuro-endocrine system. The pituitary gland sits right on top of the sphenoid bone in a little saddle called the "sella tursica". Proper respiratory motion of the sphenoid bone is necessary for normal pituitary - hypothalamus function. It is also responsible for the cranial meningeal system and proper flow of the cerebral spinal fluid throughout the brain and spinal cord. Any aberration at this level has adverse somatic (musculo-skeletal) and visceral (organ systems) effects and can affect the entire body. Much current research is indicating this to be one of the root causes of many human diseases.

Problems with the cranial system are very common. Many of the problems can stem from birth trauma or that fall you took on the stairs when you were three. Dental work is another common cause, drug use, whiplash injuries, head trauma, even our diet can affect cranial motion.

Cranial distortions can easily be detected through the testing procedures of Applied Kinesiology. There are easy exams you can do at home. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are there facial asymmetries? Is one ear lobe lower than the other? Is one eye higher or wider than the other? If so, you need cranial work.

Appointments are for ENCR are scheduled in advance on Mondays and Thursdays because of the necessary sequence.