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Your biochemistry is dependent on a variety of things. Everything you put in, on and around your body, every thought you think and every emotion you have, has some effect on you and your body chemistry. Even chewing gum, hot tea or soda, has an effect on every cell in your body, especially when you have metal fillings in your mouth.

Research has shown that your body functions best within certain parameters. There are multitudes of information and tests you can do to check your body chemistry. Some are quite costly and some are easy to do at home. I sometimes use a bright colored card to have people check to see how their brain health is. First close one eye and look at the card, then repeat that with the other eye. Is there a difference in the color or the brightness from one eye to the other? Turn your head in one direction as far as you can and then turn it in the other. Is there a difference in the range of motion between the two sides or do you experience pain in either direction? Any of these simplistic tests will tell you whether or not you need a Chiropractor.

In my practice I commonly use other low maintenance tests as well. I will often have people fill out a 7-day diet diary. Our diet has a profound affect on how we feel as well as our behavior. Diet is one of the first things I look at when someone comes to see me with complaints of depression, cancer, herpes, PMS, arthritis, allergies, digestive problems, pain, fatigue. Believe it or not what we eat has an effect on us that is both immediate and far reaching. Diet is also one of the things we have the most control of.

One of the major things our diet affects is our pH. A diet that is nutritionally rich is excellent for everyone. I constantly tell my patients they can eat whatever they want as long as GOD made it. Literally, the closer to GOD you eat the healthier you will become. If man made it you must be very careful. Man messes with food for his own gain. Often that gain is not beneficial to our ancient body systems.

My favorite diet is a hunter-gather diet. I also tell people that if you have to cook it you might want to look carefully at eating it. You can eat meat, fish and eggs raw; whole cultures have eaten that way for centuries and survived. I am not saying that you want to eat those foods raw, but you can. You can eat vegetables and greens raw or cooked. You can eat nuts and fruit raw. Legumes, grains and beans must be cooked and even then many people have trouble digesting them. One of the things you can do to help with your ability to digest them is to soak and sprout them before cooking them. (There is also information about the sprouting of foods in the library under Diet and Health.) I also usually add some super foods because even if we are eating a great diet, our soils are so depleted that we are often not getting the nutrients we need for health and wellness.

You can monitor your pH as a guide to your health. Our American diet and lifestyle contributes to tissue acids and inflammation. Tissue acids and inflammation contribute to degeneration and many of the common diseases of today including cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We must alkalize our bodies to protect ourselves from disease. Vegetables are great alkalizers!

Many of my patients can tell when they are getting sick just by monitoring their pH. I have patients check their salivary pH first thing in the morning before rising to see how their mineral status is. Your morning salivary pH should run between 6.4 and 6.8. I have patients monitor the pH of their first morning urine and then the next urine to see how acidic they are. Basically we want to drive our body towards an alkaline state. It is there that our body processes and systems work best and keep us well oxygenated.

I tell my patients that ultimately they want to eat at least 75% to 85% vegetables (especially the green leafy ones) and as much of that raw or lightly steamed as you can. Organic is best if you can get it because it will usually be higher in minerals and vitamins than commercially raised produce. For most, it is more comfortable to go about this change slowly because changing what we eat is often based on emotions and habits we learned as children. Some of these are habits that we are reticent to let go of. It is like a 12 step program. One day at a time! Little by little!

You can also monitor your calcium excretion and your pH. If you are running acid, you might be excreting too much calcium. Your body might be having to take calcium from your bones to buffer the acids in your blood and your tissues. Monitoring your pH and your calcium is a great way of checking to see if your body is in balance or homeostasis. When your body is in balance, your vitamins and minerals and enzymes are able to work as they were designed. When you are out of balance you are more prone to pain, degeneration and a disease process. When your body is in balance, it is working in the way it was designed - as a self-healing organism.

If you are out of balance, experiment. Many foods will upset the body chemistry. The most common ones are grains, corn, sugar, things that turn to sugar and most food additives. Some people will even have a problem digesting fruit.

Sometimes and organic food will be fine, but that same food when commercially grown will cause a particular body problems. Experiment to discover what foods are being properly metabolized and digested and what foods are causing your body stress.

The more you know about your body
and how it works,
the healthier you can become!

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Are There Benefits To Leaves, Roots, Herbs and Berries? YES! Herbs have been used for thousands of years as agents of healing all over the world. With the rich variety of plants on this planet, many have been found to have therapeutic benefit for the body. Some herbs have even undergone multiple research trials on their effectiveness. Others have an extensive history of use in the clinical setting. Substantial knowledge of historical herbal indications permits customization of individualized herbal formulas.

Herbs act synergistically with the body's own innate healing mechanisms to fight disease. Most herbs work gradually and so must be taken over a period of time to help restore body processes to normal functioning. Herbs can be taken internally as ingredients in a dinner recipe, or as specific capsules or tablets. They can also be used externally in the form of essential oils, poultices, sprays, ointments, etc. Leaves, flowers, stems, roots, and seeds can all be used to produce herbal products. The most common herbal preparations used are capsules, essenntial oils or extracts, all of which are easily administered.

Many herbs and essential oils work extremely well as detoxifiers and tonics and for our various ills. Like fresh food and vegetables, sometimes large amounts must be taken for long periods of time for them to be advantageous. Sometimes dehydration of the herb releases and destroys the some of the aromatic essential oils that are so highly anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. That is one of the reasons I often use therapeutic grade essential oils.

Occasionally if certain medicinal grade herbs are used when they are not necessary, they can unbalance your system, leading to discomfort and alterations in normal body processes. Also be aware that it is reported that some herbs are incompatible with some drugs.

Know your supplier. Remember and herb is only as good as the soil it is grown on and the treatment it receives before, during and after harvesting. Herbs are plants that are dependent on the soils for their vitamins, minerals and chemical constituents. We are dependent on the herb or the plant for those vitamins and minerals. It is for this reason that many of herbal products on the marketplace today have lost their potency and unfortunately their effectiveness. However, the carefully chosen, richly grown food grade herbal products I use in my practice are excellent choices for cellular detoxification, cellular rebuilding and tissue and organ regeneration.

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Chiropractic Neurology is a scientifically based field of natural health care centering on repairing the nervous system and eliminating pain. It involves the use of neurological findings to create a physiological change in the nervous system to regulate muscle tone, joint movement and bring balance to the different functions of the body. Treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical and drug-free.

For children, I provide treatment for earaches, birth trauma, posture correction; I perform scoliosis screening and routine wellness exams for spinal health. In adults I have experience treating patients suffering from sciatica, vertigo, tremors, Carpal Tunnel, tennis elbow, Fibromyalgia, Bell's, Palsy, spinal trauma and pain with a high success rate.

A variety of systems testing is used to identify loss of function and to validate changes during the course of treatment. One such test is blind-spot mapping or measurement of the natural blind spot in each eye. These blind spots are not perceived in normal vision as each eye compensates for the other. Careful evaluation of the difference or similarity between the two eyes will show any imbalance between the sides of the brain.


We tend to think of the brain as the control mechanism for the body. Actually it receives incoming sensory messages from the body parts then sends back motor messages commanding those body parts to perform. This is why balance between the two sides of the brain along with balance between the brain and the nervous system is necessary for optimum health and function. In actuality your brain runs your body and your body runs your brain.

Your nervous system has millions of interconnections. It is very complex and dynamic. Major nerve pathways can be tested for function and therapies can be targeted to affect change within an isolated area of the nervous system. Patients receive individualized treatment plans of home-therapy that will bring the whole person to a healthy lifestyle of pain-free living.

The term hemisphericity is used to indicate an imbalance in functional ability or efficiency between the two halves (left and right) of the brain cortex. Hemisphericity can show up as anything from high blood pressure to hemorrhoids, differences in flexibility from side to side, double vision, ringing in the ears, sprained ankles, and a multitude of other conditions. This is important in chiropractic as decreased function on one side of the brain is often a major component of problems in the body.

Often subtle imbalances between the two halves of the brain which create subtle changes in function of the brain or hemisphericity. The brain is working, but at a different level of performance required for optimum health. Brain development is a lifelong event with most of the maturation of individual brain structures occurring over the first two decades of life. Because we tend to use the sides of our body at different levels and because most injuries occur on one specific side, use or disuse of particular parts of the brain results in strengthening or weakening of these structures, much the same as with muscular changes in the body. The brain is incredibly adaptable and it compensates for a while. However, decreased synaptic activity becomes evident through pain or other symptoms. Simple therapies can be introduced that help bring brain development into balance.

Rehabilitation is the restoration of function. Its success depends on many factors including the length of time since the original symptoms began as well as how the body has adapted over time. Because most injuries occur to one side only, frequently the healthy side is not treated until the injured side is strong enough to restore the balance between the two.

Your first examination visit will include treatment, if appropriate. Your initial consultation is complimentary. However payment for any examination or additional diagnostic procedures and any treatment performed is due at the time services are rendered. In order to avoid limiting the quality of care I can provide a patient, I have chosen not to honor insurance plans. Your agreement is with your insurance company. I will give you a superbill you can submit to them so they can render payment to you directly. I accept cash and checks.

Insurance companies do not stay up-to-date on the latest research and techniques that involve your health care, especially when it comes to non-invasive intervention and nutrition. They often do not have the knowledge nor the clinical background to recognize the benefit of many of the treatments and services I render.

Be proactive about your health. It
is your only true health insurance.























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Functional medicine has to do with YOU; your unique body and how it functions on all levels. It is true personalized, preventative medicine. It focuses on the assessment and improvement of physiological, mental, emotional and physical functioning of the human body, mind and spirit.

We will utilize a myriad of techniques to help you journey towards your goal of optimum health. I specialize in alternative ways of preventing disease, slowing aging, and assisting the body in creating an optimum level of health. I use specific specialized questionnaires, homework, special physical examinations, and electrodermal screening (EDS) to find your areas of toxicity and determine your nutritional needs. I am totally committed to doing my very best to arm you with the information necessary to assist you in learning about and adopting healthful lifestyle changes.

Health education remains the missing piece in our North American health care system. Education, not medication is the very foundation of health care. When education is inadequate, people become increasingly reliant on medical intervention asking miracles of it that it cannot and was never meant to perform. In my experience, by including health education with clients, their health improves more rapidly and more completely than without it.

I will guide you through steps you can take to take better care of your health. I use an array of educational tools: handouts, books, video and audiotapes, evening talks and group workshops to assist you in gathering helpful and healthful information.

What is our potential for health and healing?
What direction is your health moving?
Is it possible that your symptoms are your body's way of speaking to you - of getting your attention?
Are they a call for medications OR are they a call for education and healthier choices?

What is the alternative to your learning and practicing the activities of nutritious eating, regular rest and exercise, recreation, self-reflection, caring relationships, creative expression and fulfilling vocation? These are absolutely essential to good health.

No pill or therapy can ever remove the ill effects of junk food, insufficient exercise, insufficient rest and recreation, ignorance, worry, fear, resentment and conflict in your relationships and unsatisfying or even distressing work.

Health education enhances the effectiveness of any therapy. By learning to optimize your own health, you assist any health professionals in their efforts to help you. You do not need to choose between educating yourself and other approach to healing. As you implement what I teach you to do for yourself, you will markedly improve the effectiveness of my care and any other treatments you choose to participate in. Health education is many times more cost effective than a medical or therapy only approach.

Health Education
is the Most Prudent Investment You Can Make.

By learning what you might be doing that can compromise and eventually injure you, and learning to do what is essential to regain and maintain your health; you will save all the time and money you would otherwise spend on attempts to "cure" any problems that have been subtly created and maintained by your own actions.

Health education is not only less expensive than medical care - it is a very profitable investment. The rewards are fewer illnesses, greater energy, clearer thought, improved concentration and better moods. This improves the quality of your work which translates indirectly into more dollars in your pocket.

Reducing sugar and coffee, eating more wholesome foods, identifying hidden food intolerances, getting more effective rest, regular exercise, respecting rather than shaming yourself and others and finding persistent immune challenges and removing them can all be excellent medicine!

The laws of health don't work sometimes; they always work - like gravity. Every bit of food you eat, every thought you think, every movement you perform rewards you or punishes you (albeit very slowly and subtly in most cases). If you are living inadequately there is no escaping the consequences. If you are living well, you are constantly receiving the fruits of your good actions.

True health is the state of mind, body and spirit that allows for proper function, repair and regeneration of all of the body's cells, tissues and organ systems, all of the time. Education is not therapy for any specific disease. Whether you have arthritis, digestive problems or cancer, the focus remains the same: to teach you to eat, move and think in ways that are more beneficial to you.

What is best for you and your health is also what is best in caring for most disease. As you improve your health habits, you find your entire system improving in general non-specific ways. You will feel stronger, more energetic, you will sleep more soundly, your menstrual periods become less troublesome, your joints less stiff and sore, you digest your food better, your concentration improves, your memory is better and you find yourself in better moods, less irritable and generally happier. As you improve in these general ways you will find that many of your specific symptoms will lessen in frequency and severity.

Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, said "First, do no harm." The intention behind everything I teach is to benefit your health without harming you in any way. Knowledge is something you carry with you for life to use and share with your friends and loved ones. I want to help you learn to take better care of your health and your body. My commitment is to meet you wherever you are in your process of health and healing and assist you in your quest for true health.

We do not have to create health;
we have only to access it.













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Turn Back Your Clock and Maximize Your Vitality!

Thirty years ago when I began my journey as a Chirporactor, I saw miracles happen in the human body. Now everyday miracles are much more difficult to atain. We have become toxic and weak for poor diet and chemical exposure. Disease and infirm is everywhere.

Traditional medicine aims at the cell as if it were the sole seat of disease; unfortunately, in this paradign, disease isn't recognized until it has invaded the cell - only then is "the dis-ease" visible under the microscope, and often it is well established as a vicious cycle of chronic illness.

It is widely believed that the extra-cellular fluids, the "lake" the cells bathe in, are the true key to health. These fluids, called the "matrix", the ground regulation system, the mesenchyme and the lymph, support everything. They bring in nutrition, the oxygen, the hormone messengers and the other vital substances to the tissues while removing excretion products, dead cells, toxins and the the residue of old diseases. Cells are important but not as a separate entity; they cannot exist without being nurtured by and in this "matrix". It is disturbing that traditional medeicine totally ignores this crucial aspect of true tissue and cellular health. It is the basis of true health and longevity.

This matrix is fed by blood from the heart and drained by venous blood and the lymphatic drainage system. Your cells are floating in this lake of extra-cellular fluid. This is all supplied by the nervous system, which helps regulate it.

When your matrix or your lake is polluted and full of debris that cannot be removed, the cells it nurtures begin to starve, age and degenerate - "dis-ease" steps in. Many believe disease is ultimately caused by toxins, whether toxic chemicals, bacterial toxins, biological toxins, post traumatic cellular debris or the by-products of the body's own metabolic processes. In this model, symptoms are seen as a result of the body's attempt to heal and should not necessarily be suppressed.

The key to cleansing and healing this matrix are in the use of specific herbs, homeopathic mixtures and foods to support the liver, kidneys, the digestive system, the heart, the nervous system, to thin and cleanse the lymph using compounds that might also work for flu, diabetes, women's problems; specific supplements can stimulate metabolism, tone up the immune system so it can retard tumors, repair inflammation, rid the body of pain. It is important to keep the lymph healthy, clean and well-nourished. A well functioning lymphatic system is necessary for proper uptake of essential fatty acids, fat-based vitamins as well as general health and detoxification. Poor lymphatic circulation can cause a myriad of health problems contributing to sensations of pain, muscle weakness, poor organ function, headache and/or fatigue.

Homotoxicology is a therapeutic branch of healing that involves deep cleansing of body tissues, removing old toxins, disease processes and degenerative debris, leaving the fluids clean, fresh and able to function as intended. As a system of medicine, it was founded in 1952 by Dr. Hans Reckeweg (1905-1985). 'Homotoxine' means 'human poison' or 'human toxic substance' - from the Latin word homo (man) and the Greek word tokson (poison). Knowing homeopathy and drawing on his knowledge of nutrition, herbal lore, vitamins and other medicines, he designed a healing system using foods and remedies. Treading a fine line between folk medicine and plant pharmacology it is a sophisticated system of natural healing used for over 50 years by tens of thousands of German doctors in daily practice.


According to Dr. Reckeweg there are six stages to disease processes and death. He devised an ingenious model of disease which he called progressive vicariation (progressive, in this sense, means getting worse).

The first three stages cover excretion, reaction and deposition. Poisons cause the body to first start to reject the toxin - excretion. We look at a runny nose or diarrhea as healthy ways to get rid of toxins; these processes should not be blocked, but assisted to conclusion. If excretion is not effective, the body will start to react to the toxin and other symptoms will result. If the process continues, there is the accumulation of the toxin in the lymphatic fluids or the lake - we begin the deposition phase. From here on things start to become serious.

In the next phase, impregnation, the toxin becomes more permanently embedded in the tissue matrix. The problem with these phases is that there are often NO symptoms. Next comes the degeneration phase; here cells, tissues and organs become damaged and begin to die and decay. Finally, we enter the de-differentiation stage where malignant tumors are the norm! Death can be expected to follow. This process can be summarized in a simple table like this:

Locality of Tissue Changes
Descriptive Terms
Humoral Phases Excretion Phase
*In the fluids of the body
Reaction Phase
Matrix Phases Deposition Phase
*In the Connective Tissues
Impregnation Phase
Cellular Phases Degeneration Phase
*In the Cells and Organs

Unlike traditional orthodox medicine, alternative medicine feels it is possible to reverse this degenerative process. Wherever you start, you can always improve, sometimes by a lot. Common sense says, however that the further down the series of phases you go, the more difficult it is to reverse the process - and miracles happen! And one cannot expect to solve every health problem, especially if there has been a lifetime of abuse and toxic overload.

The practice of homotoxicology has much to offer in the climb towards health. Progressive deterioration of the body's own cleansing system from toxic debris leads to gradual compromise of the defense mechanisms. Eventually, as the process nears an end and the "biological age" of body tissues (the health and vitality of the tissues, as opposed to the calendar age), chronic pain, heart disease, neoplasms or cancerous changes are seen as almost inevitable in this model. It makes sense then, that reversing this process will gain valuable points in the direction of health.

Using the modern technology of meridian stress assessment, an imperceptible micro-current is sent through 58 important acupuncture points on your hands and feet. The ability of each point to let the stimulation current through to the representative organ or tissue is measured pinpointing systems and areas in your body that are functioning poorly due to a toxic overload.

A graph showing where the energetic equilibrium of your cellular structure has been altered by negative influences exercised by aliments, poisons, insecticides, viruses, bacteria, harmful electromagnetic fields, etc. gives us a physical representation for later comparison.

The information acquired enables me to make suggestions that might assist your body in the deep cleansing of your tissues and cells. As toxins are flushed from the matrix of your cells, the connective tissue and/or the lake in which your cells and organs are embedded, the function of your individual organs is improved and your immune system is strengthened.

In most cases measurements should be run and carefully scrutinized to help you regain and maintain your good health. Once someone is stabilized every six weeks to two months works well to keep one on the path of health.

The more you help the body recapture its lost biological age, the better it can compete with the invasive cells. It's like turning back your clock!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information herein is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental condition, or to prescribe any particular product. It is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a licensed health care professional.